World NGO Day is an international calendar day annually observed on the 27th of February. Officially recognized and declared by the 12 member countries of the IX Baltic Sea NGO Forum of the Council of the Baltic Sea States in 2010 and first time marked by the UN, EU leaders and international organizations in 2014.
VISION: “Create a stronger better & more effective civil society worldwide through an International annual Calendar Day for NGO’s, NPO’s and CSO’s”.
MISSION: “Collaborate, Commemorate and celebrate the efforts and achievements NGO’s from all sectors, for better future for this generation and future ones.”

International secretariat of “World NGO Day” announced Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Founder of “THE NGO WORLD" as Honorary Goodwill Ambassador to the “World NGO Day” in Pakistan. He took the opportunity to celebrate the day for the first time ever in Pakistan in 2014. Since then every year different events have been organized every year with purpose to provide a platform for the Social/NGO Sector of Pakistan to share their experiences, replicate their achievements, networking for the greater good. This platform not only provide an opportunity for the organizations to network but also;

  • A National symbol that displays the efforts and achievements of all NGOs in Pakistan.
  • A platform for NGOs in Pakistan to share knowledge and experiences with one another.
  • An opportunity for NGOs to discuss the issues that affect their productivity.
  • Enabling individuals countrywide to understand what NGOs are doing for society.
  • An opportunity for individuals to learn more about the innovative people behind NGOs.
The Day is intended to Celebrate, Commemorate and Connect all Non-Governmental or Non-Profit Organizations and to further enhance the role and capacity of NGOs to continue their vital activities and contribution to society. In addition it is an international memorial day in honour of all founders, employees, volunteers, members and supporters of these important organizations worldwide who have given their lives – in whole or in part to such work.

Participation Diversity: NGO’s representatives, UN Agencies, Institutions, Certification bodies, Govt. departments, CSR, Consulting firms, Founders, Directors, Managers, Field Workers, Philanthropists, Researchers, Students, Youth and Women representatives from all over the Pakistan will participate in World NGO Day celebration events.