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“The NGO World” Celebrated World NGO Day 2019 on the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan

27th February 2019. Representatives of more than 300 NGOs (local & international) from all across Pakistan gathered at Serena Hotel Islamabad to celebrate World NGO Day 2019. Goodwill ambassador of the NGO’s day in Pakistan Mr. Zafar Iqbal who is also founder of THE NGO WORLD is managing celebration of NGO’s day since 2014.

Goodwill Ambassador

Goodwill Ambassador of the World NGO Day Pakistan Mr. Zafar Iqbal during his welcoming speech said the day is being celebrated with intentions to Celebrate, Commemorate and Connect all Non-Governmental or Non-Profit Organizations and to further enhance the role and capacity of NGOs to continue their vital activities and contribution to the society. In addition, it is an international memorial day in honour of all founders, employees, volunteers, members and supporters of these important organizations worldwide who have given their lives – in whole or in part to such work.

The NGO World managed following different types of activities to celebrate the day.

  1. Conference “Role of NGO’s to fight ills of Pakistan”: Qualified and seasoned speakers, trainers, activists and researchers from NGOs and Government departments threw light on the theme of the event with the purpose of knowledge sharing of the sector ultimately contributing towards social good. THE THEME OF THE CONFERENCE WAS BASED ON VISION OF Prime Minister of Pakistan, he mentioned on occasion of new year 1st January 2019. “Our New Year resolution is to wage jihad against the 4 ills of our country: poverty, illiteracy, injustice and corruption. InshaAllah 2019 is the beginning of Pakistan’s golden era,” PM Khan said– his first in 2019. Speaker specialized working on mentioned issues discussed the possible role of NGOs to fight these ills and bring positive change in Pakistan and complement government efforts for social good. Guest of Honor: Mr. Hamid Yar Hiraj (Ex. Chairman ERRA and Federal Minister) on this occasion emphasized on close collaboration and working relationship between NGOs and government line departments. He said NGOs can play a vital role to complement the social and development initiatives of the government. NGOs need to develop their capacity to better response the sufferings and social issues and ills prevailing in the society. NGO’s representatives declared that the vision given by PM of Pakistan is strategic road map. We will follow and put our best efforts to create positive impact on society.


2. Exhibition of Innovative Projects by NGOs: On the day of NGOs, The NGO World provided opportunity to Non-Governmental Organizations to showcase their exceptional work. Exhibitors displayed their Brochures, Models, Pictures, Banners, Posters, Flyers, Equipment, Books and other related material etc. A big number of community visited stalls established by NGOs coming from different parts of Pakistan.

3. Seminar on Sustainable Development Goals – The Role of NGOs: The event provided opportunity to; understand the global landscape of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and what that means for NGOs working on the local level? How the non-profit sector is implementing the SDGs as part of their core existing programmatic areas? How NGOs can be more effective in implementation of the global goals?

SWERA Awards: (Social Work Encouragement Recognition & Appreciation) on the day of NGOs awards were given to social workers to celebrate their valuable work for humanity. The award aims to celebrate and promote inspirational stories of social work executed by individual social workers or organizations/departments.

Chief Guest

Chief Guest of the SWERA awards ceremony Lieutenant General Omar Mahmood Hayat Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) presented SWERA awards to the winners. He appreciated the exceptional and unique work of the social workers. In his speech he said “volunteers are the key elements of the society who spent their hours making lives easy for the needy. They spread hope and make the word beautiful. He acknowledged the role of NGOs and social actors in disastrous situations including earthquake 2005 and floods 2010.”

Host of the event and Goodwill Ambassador of the NGO’s day in Pakistan Mr. Zafar Iqbal appreciated the SWERA awards winners and advised the participating NGOs and their officials to strengthen networking, use latest technologies to bring impact, improve their structures and systems to ensure transparency, build their capacity to deliver effectively and play a productive role to bring the targets of social good for humanity.



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