Islamabad 27th February; The NGO World  organized events on World NGO Day with aim to celebrate and commemorate the workers & nonprofits who put their lives in difficult and sometimes danger to facilitate the people in need.


“Eminent speakers highlighted the importance of social services to uplift the marginalised people. Social workers who delivered exceptional services to the community were awarded SWERA Awards 2021. Goodwill ambassador Mr. Zafar Iqbal hosted the programs in Pakistan.”

While speaking to the participants;

Mr. Ammar Jaffri (founder of E.Pakistan) emphasized using the latest technologies in all interventions of developing communities. He said without adopting the latest trends our youth will not be able to compete in the world. He requested the government to set policies and provide an enabling environment for social entrepreneurs to deliver their best to uplift society.

Mr. Hameedullah (Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Trust) advised the audience to involve the community in development process. He further said that by using indigenous wisdom and local solutions we can bring a remarkable change at grassroot level.

Ms. Rabia Fajer ( Alliance for Girls Education-PAGE) presented the details of exceptional work done on the PAGE platform for education of girls having limited or no facilities.

Muhammad Siddique (Community Services Program) shared the details of their voluntary work during COVID-19 particularly in harder areas of AJK.


Chief Guest of the event Mr. Rehan Allahwala appreciated the founder, of The NGO World and Goodwill Ambassador World NGO Day in Pakistan for providing an effective networking platform to the nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs. He said such events are very much important to share individual success stories, impact of social interventions, practical knowledge and best practices being executed by the people who are actually playing role to reshape the lives of marginalised and undeserved segments of society.

The guests of honor also presented SWERA Awards to the nominees who have contributed the society with innovative ideas and impacted positively. Winners of SWERA Awards 2021 include;

  • Muhammad Siddique ( CSP Pakistan)

  • Rabia Fajer Pasha ( PAGE)

  • Hameedullah (Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Trust)

Goodwill Ambassador of the World NGO Day in Pakistan Mr. Zafar Iqbal has been organizing events of celebration of World NGO Day since 2014. Through these events, he has provided an effective platform to the NGOs and NGO workers to strengthen networking and knowledge sharing.