One Day Seminar

"SDGs as Future Agenda of NGOs"

27th February 2023 (10am – 01 pm) at AHK-NCRD Islamabad

On the occasion of World NGO Day 2023, we are inspired to organize a seminar “SDGs as Future Agenda of NGOs”. It will be an important gathering of leaders and professionals from the NGO sector who are committed to making a positive impact in their communities and beyond. The event aims to bring together a diverse group of individuals to discuss, learn, and collaborate on how NGOs can align their work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make them a central part of their future agendas. The event will provide a platform for attendees to learn from expert speakers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and share their own experiences and best practices.

The SDGs represent a comprehensive and ambitious agenda for global development and are widely recognized as the blueprint for a better and more sustainable future. For NGOs, the SDGs provide a clear framework for action and a roadmap for creating positive change. The “SDGs as Future Agenda of NGOs” event will explore the opportunities and challenges facing NGOs in incorporating the SDGs into their work and will provide attendees with the tools and resources they need to effectively align their work with these global goals.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career in the NGO sector, this event is an opportunity not to be missed. Join us for a day of inspiring discussions, meaningful connections, and a celebration of the positive impact that NGOs can make when they align their work with the SDGs. Let’s work together to ensure that the future agenda of NGOs is one of sustainable development, equitable progress, and positive change.

Format for the “SDGs as Future Agenda of NGOs” event:

Welcome and Introduction: An opening session that sets the stage for the event, introduction and history of World NGO Day in Pakistan, highlighting the importance of the SDGs and the role of NGOs in achieving these goals.

Keynote Speeches: Invited speakers from the NGO sector, government, academia, and other relevant fields will provide insights and perspectives on the role of NGOs in achieving the SDGs.

Panel Discussions: A series of interactive panel discussions will delve into specific aspects of the SDGs and their relevance to the work of NGOs.

SWERA Awards 2023: Social Work Encouragement, Recognition and Appreciation Awards.

The potential audience for the “SDGs as Future Agenda of NGOs” event are:

  • NGO professionals and leaders: including executive directors, program managers, coordinators, and other key decision-makers within NGOs.
  • Government Officials: those who play a critical role in shaping policy and creating an environment that supports the NGO sector in Pakistan.
  • Philanthropists and Donors: those who provide financial support to NGOs and are interested in learning more about the work being done in Pakistan towards the SDGs.
  • Academics and Researchers: those who study the NGO sector, its impact, and the challenges it faces in achieving the SDGs.
  • Civil Society Organizations: other organizations and groups working in the social impact space, including community-based organizations, advocacy groups, and grassroots organizations.
  • Young Professionals: students and recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in the NGO sector and learning more about the role of NGOs in achieving the SDGs.


The event is open to anyone who is passionate about the role of NGOs in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is interested in learning, networking, and collaborating with other leaders and professionals in the field.

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For more information please contact:

Mr. Usman Zahoor
Communications Officer
+92 313 171 0920